World’s 50 Best Restaurants

Since 2002, Restaurant magazine has been publishing their annual list of the ‘World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ (see here).

This page includes links to my blog posts for each of the restaurants featured on the list that I have been lucky enough to visit, as well as their current ranking (and/or their ranking at the time of visiting, in red).

4. (not listed at time of visit) Gaggan (here

7. (6) Mugaritz (here)

14. (19) Azurmendi (here)

15. (not listed at time of visit) Septime (here)

18. (not listed at time of visit) Odette (here)

20.  (77) Tickets (here

27. (not listed at time of visit) The Clove Club (here

30. (not listed at time of visit) Elkano (here)

33. (not listed at time of visit) Lyle's (here)

53. (31) Arzak (here)

59. (not listed at time of visit) Burnt Ends (here)

64. (13) The Ledbury (here and here)

69. (50) Nahm (here for dinner & here for lunch)

76. (65) Momofuku Ko (here)

83. (9) Dinner By Heston Blumenthal (here)

112. (55) St. John (here)

Here are some other restaurants which are no longer listed and their raking at the time of my visit.

(3) The Fat Duck (here)

(9) Le Chateaubriand (here)

(16) Pierre Gagnaire (here)

(26) Momofuku Ssäm Bar (here)

(27) Iggy’s (here and here)

(39) Waku Ghin (here)

(52) Jean Georges (here)

(55) Les Amis (here and here)

(67) Hedone (here

(68) Restaurant Andre (here)

(84) Le Gavroche (here)

(84) Gunther’s (here)

(95) Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester (here)

(97) Restaurant Sat Bains (here)


  1. And of the ones you've visited, how would *you* order them? Or at least, are there any that you would thrust to the top of the list (or drop off the bottom)?

    Iggy's, fer instance, I enjoyed a fine meal at Iggy's but could remember at least a half-dozen meals at UK restaurants that I thought were better just in that same year.

    1. For me The Fat Duck is definitely up there (as is Momofuku Ko) but the voting system only allows voters to vote for restaurants that they have eaten at in the previous 18 months. Availability of tables and location therefore plays a major role in compiling the list - restaurants in major cities for example are likely to have many more visits by panellists than restaurants such as L'Enclume (one that, for me, is a notable absence on the list.)


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