Sunday 2 December 2018

Mume - Taipei, Taiwan #MichelinStar #Asias50Best

Mume takes its name from the Latin word for 'plum blossom', Taiwan’s national flower. With a Michelin star and a ranking as Asia’s 7thBest Restaurant (here), Mume apply modern techniques and Nordic influences to traditional Taiwanese ingredients. The meal was one of the top highlights of our Taipei trip.

Soft poached oyster – fried kelp, cucumber & seaweed butter

Seaweed tartlet with sugar snap peas & lovage oil

Homemade ricotta & cauliflower tart

Prawn – goji berry, shaved yam bean, prawn head sauce, ricotta snow

Mume salad – 20 plus types of seasonal salad ingredients & fermented black beans

Wagyu tartare – clam mayo, confit egg yolk, preserved daikon, crispy fried lotus root

Milkfish – dried shrimps, dill, burnt cabbage sauce

Pork rib – plum miso glaze, pickled bitter melon, pickled green mango

Chicken – bamboo, turnip, alliums, fennel root cream

Peach – young ginger ice cream, basil, green tea

Cucumber – yoghurt mousse, celery granita, lemon verbena

Date of dinner: 28/10/18

Saturday 1 December 2018

Raw by Chef André Chiang, Taiwan #2MichelinStars #Asias50Best

With a Two Michelin Stars and a ranking as Asia’s 30th Best Restaurant (here), ever since Chef André Chiang (of Restaurant André in Singapore fame) opened Raw in his hometown if Taipei, it has been one of the hottest tickets in town. We loved the presentations and ingredients linked to and inspired by Taiwan’s street food culture. 

Earl Grey, Bay Leaf, Egg

Escargot, Nagaimo, Yuzu Pepper

Crab, Ping Po (Phoenix eye fruit), Celeriac

Giant Clam, Fish Lardo, Chowder

Cascara, Buckwheat, Taro

Raw Tofu, Maitake, Truffle, Whey

Aubergine, Cobia, Furikake

Beetroot, Plum, Berries, Ostrich

Adzuki Bean, Red Shiso, Purple Rice

Walnut, Date

Date of dinner: 24/10/18

Saturday 10 November 2018

Shoun RyuGin, Taipei, Taiwan #2MichelinStars #Asias50Best

Sister to the original RyuGin in Tokyo, Taipei’s Shoun RyuGin serves celebrates Taiwanese produce, presented using Japanese kaiseki techniques and sensibilities. The menu features a map of the ‘Ilha Formosa’ ("beautiful island") to show where those ingredients come from.

They rank No.31 on Asia’s 50 Best restaurants (here) and boast 2 Michelin Stars.  Dining here is a special experience. I enjoyed the tea pairing as well as the artfully presented dishes featuring premium ingredients. 

Pomelo, Sweet Shrimp, White Miso

Abalone, Maitake, Fennel

Red Sea Bream, White Gourd, Green Onion, Clam

Bonito, Tuna, Squid, Umi-budō (Sea Grapes)

Butterfish, Cabbage, Shiso

Japanese Lobster, Bamboo, Vegetable Fern

Eel, Japanese Mustard

Duck, Onion, Water Bamboo, Pickles

Koshi-hikari Rice, Threadfin Fish, Ginger, Sweet Chilli

Pickled Radish, Pickled Turnip

Roselle, Fig, Tapioca, Yoghurt Ice Cream

Chestnut, Red Bean, Green Bean, Mochi

Date of dinner: 25/10/18

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