Monday 27 February 2017

Elkano, Getaria #OneMichelinStar

Last time we visited the region we visited Kaia Kaipe (here) – this time, we managed to secure a reservation at their Michelin starred sister restaurant, Elkano.

Both places are renowned for their large exterior charcoal grills, on which they expertly grill meats and more famously whole fishes and meat – most notably turbots.

What Michelin say, ‘Professionally run with excellent maintenance. It has a small waiting area with a bar and a marine-style dining room that is enhanced by an excellent table service.

Necora (Velvet crab)

Changurro al horno (baked txangurro – spider crab)

Robadillo parrilla (grilled turbot)

Date of lunch: 20/02/17

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