Saturday 16 November 2013

Hedone, London

Hedone is ranked as the 70th best restaurant in the world by Restaurant Magazine and boasts a Michelin star. As such, after one lunch, I’m not going to make a sweeping judgment and say I found it “overhyped”.

We loved the décor and the kitchen staff and waitress were great. The food was all cooked well with precision and seasoned faultlessly; and the sourcing of quality ingredients unquestionable but, for me, it lacked something… ‘Personality?’

Parmesan sable with morello cherry / Buckwheat wafer with foie / 
Smoked eel & lemon tartlet


Umami flan with red pepper

Cévennes onions, Williams pear shavings

Pan fried Scottish hand dived scallops, watercress, Jerusalem artichokes

Pan fried Dorset wild turbot, artichokes

Shoulder of Cumbrian salt marsh lamb, cabbages, cauliflower, dulse butter

Pre dessert: Herb sorbet with hibiscus & Campari jelly

Fresh figs, lemon & thyme sorbet

Chocolate, powdered raspberry, passion fruit jelly, Madagascar vanilla ice cream

Cheese & raisin bread

Coffee & petit fours

Re. ‘personality’, the reason I will not be returning to Hedone has nothing to do with the food. I found the chef / proprietor, Mikael Jonsson, rude and arrogant - some customers seemed worthy of ‘special treatment’ and were chatted to and served personally by Jonsson; others were completely ‘blanked’. I also observed something and overheard comments made to and about customers, which made me feel quite uncomfortable. 


  1. alan spedding ( cumbriafoodie )17 November 2013 at 11:45

    Ill be there next saturday.... fingers crossed and observations taken on board Hungry hoss ;-)

  2. I believe this place has been completely overhyped by Andy Hayler, to the point where I feel he might have some financial stake in its success. He is clearly good friends with Mikael (read Andy's L'Ambroisie review from 2004) and it helps to have one of the world's most-read food bloggers on your side. I was thoroughly underwhelmed by my meal there and I too heard the chef mock other customers.

  3. Thanks for another invaluable review. I've been thinking about this one, but the food in your photos looks a bit underwhelming - could make as good myself - and I hate a snotty attitude.

    Spot on service improves a less than wonderful meal. Bad attitude kills it. I don't want to be fawned over, but I want to feel that my custom is valued. Mocking customers in public is not acceptable.

  4. Wow. This has really put me off going. Inexcusable.


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