Thursday 12 April 2018

Noor Restaurant, Córdoba #MichelinStar

With décor, presentations and flavours influenced by Córdoba’s Moorish heritage, Nooris a beautiful restaurant. On the plate, Chef Paco Morales’ modern culinary techniques bring a fresh approach to Al-Andalus’s past. A restaurant well worthy of its Michelin star.

(Clockwise) Saffron bread with garlic & cured ox / Endive, asafoetida & tamarind / Khann of cod, orange & green olive juice

Arabic breads

Karim of pistachio, green apple, botarga & fresh oregano

Vegetable stew cooked in a kazbra emulsion & lemon in brine

Creamy boletus, mushroom, almond & albaqdunis

Steamed hake with herbal pesto, spinach & smen

Roasted fallow deer, aubergine with kamun dressed with egg yolks & sun dried mushrooms

Furniyya of pumpkin with butter orange & vinegar

Dulce de leche, carob & sheep’s milk ice cream with ras-el-hanout

Horchata de Chufa (sweetened tigernut milk)


Wednesday 4 April 2018

Chez Bruce #MichelinStar #Revisit

Chez Bruce is a classy restaurant - a proper restaurant. Head Chef Matt Christmas is a proper chef. The menu changes daily; sometimes even mid service as ingredients and inspiration decrees. Matt’s twitter feed (@MattChristmas1) is a joy to behold. 

Grilled tuna with lemon relish, tardivo, confit tuna aïoli & aubergine

Thinly sliced rump of veal with Caesar salad, crisp chicken wings, grilled wild onions & meat juices

Dorser crab ravioli with caviar beurre blanc, pickled cucumber & chives

Grilled Loch Duart salmon with sorrel sauce, crushed charlotte potatoes & chanterelles

Veal chop, with wild garlic & morels

Buttermilk pudding with Yorkshire rhubarb, lemon & pistachio

Torta de tres leches with cinnamon crumbs & poached pear

Calvados parfait with Granny Smith granita, poached apple & marshmallow 

Tuesday 3 April 2018

Trinity – London, Clapham #MichelinStar

The holder of a Michelin star, their guide sums it up perfectly, “Adam Byatt's Trinity and Clapham Old Town are a perfect fit. This bright, warmly run and contemporary restaurant has a genuine neighbourhood feel and the cooking is sophisticated yet easy to eat. This is a kitchen at the top of its game.

Although at times slow, service was charming and the food faultless. The brill and tartare were particular highlights. We stayed across the common at The Windmill public house – we’d love to stay there again and will return to Trinity when we do. 

House Charcuterie

Soused Cornish Mackerel, White Gazpacho, Grapes, Tarragon

Tartare of Angus Beef, Pickled Mushrooms, Smoked Bone Marrow, Daurenki Caviar

Crispy Pigs Trotters, Sauce Gribiche & Crackling

Foie Gras Torchon, Spiced Dates, Candied Walnuts & Winter Leaves

Cornish Brill baked on the bone, Sea Vegetables, Seaweed, Urchin Butter Sauce

Crisp Pork Jowl, Hazelnuts, Capers & Brown Butter

Poached Yorkshire Rhubarb, Guernsey Yoghurt Cheesecake

Warm Rum Soaked Baba, Citrus Salad, Madagascan Vanilla Cream

Monday 2 April 2018

Lyle’s London #MichelinStar #Revisit

A long-time admirer of James Lowe and his cooking, I first visited Lyle’s back in May of 2014 just a couple of weeks after it opened. Since then it has gone on to be awarded a Michelin star and be listed on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. I’m still a fan… for me, no trip to London feels complete without a visit to Lyle’s. 

Grilled Mussels


Devilled Crab, Russian Kale & Spelt

Monkfish Liver & Blood Orange

Cured Goose, Pheasant Eggs & Barley

Mutton & Ramson Crumpet

Treacle Tart

Walnut Ice Cream, Preserved Walnuts & Chocolate Mousse

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