Tuesday 5 November 2013

Lunch at The Ledbury

A lunch at The Ledbury is one of life’s simple pleasures - 2 Michelin stars, 8th in the Sunday Times / Harden’s “Food List”, 9th in the UK Good Food Guide’s Top 10, 10th in the Elite Traveller Top 100 Restaurants in the World and the 13th Best Restaurant in the World on the S.Pellegrino 50 Best list.


Canape: Gruyere and Poppy Seed Tartlet

Bread: Malt Bread, Sourdough and Bacon & Onion Brioche

Flame Grilled Mackerel with Kabu Turnips, Celtic Mustard and Shiso

Breast and Leg of Quail with Chestnuts, Chanterelles and Crispy Kale

Fillet of Sea Bass with a Grilled Leek, Truffle Purée, Cockles and Potato Butter

Slow Cooked Suckling Wild Boar and Root Vegetables, Pear and Lardo di Colonnata

Fig Leaf Ice Cream with Crushed Figs, Olive Oil and Citrus Beignets

Selection of Sorbets

Cheese from the Trolley

Coffee & Petit Fours


  1. Awesome...Everything about the place.
    Nice to see the use of high end ingredients for lunch.
    Bacon Brioche also....WOW.
    And everyones so friendly there , great staff and Chefs a gem.
    Oh and ill be there in 2 weeks time.....truffling away ;-)

  2. Very jealous... would love to have the truffle menu there! :-)

    Look out for my Bubbledogs KT post... had a couple of awesome truffle dishes.

  3. If you like bacon brioche/good bread - the bread at 8 Hoxton is out of this goddamn world!!! The rosemary in particular :) Lots of love, Andrea xxx



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