Tuesday 26 March 2013

The Yard, Alderley Edge - Cachumba Supper Club

Based in the foodie hub of Burton Road in West Didsbury, Cachumba, since opening in 1993, has built a solid reputation for wholesome, homely food with showcasing dishes from India and across South East Asia.

Opened in 2012 by the Pickering family, The Yard, Alderley Edge, is a cooperative greengrocer, artisan butchery, organic bakery and organic juice bar - the café space in the ‘Back Yard’ also serves as an excellent space for a whole range of community based and creative happenings, including: exhibitions, markets, cookery classes, film and open mic nights as well as supper clubs!

Cue The Yard’s first Supper Club held in conjunction with Cachumba.

Warmly greeted by fairy lights, the smell of simmering spices, incense and actress, singer/ songwriter and self-confessed ‘flower child’, Sadie Pickering, I soon started to socialise with my feasting companions for the evening.

Aside from the chance to eat delicious food, one of the most exciting things about supper clubs is the opportunity to meet new and interesting people from all walks of life – as this was Alderley Edge it was no surprise to be hobnobbing with all manner of business folk, fashionistas, musos and ‘It’ girls.

Flowers, tealights and fresh lemons festooned the walls and tables, whilst a bowl of beads and twinkly bindi were made available to decorate the guests.

The champagne started to flow and the first plates of food began to arrive at the tables. The Vegetable samosas with a chilli and coriander dip met with instant approval – uncharacteristically, I showed my generous side and offered the last one to my fellow diners.

As more and more dishes arrived, this noble act was soon reciprocated as the plates were passed around the table (fortunately, I was sat at the end and they all somehow ended up in front of me.)

Around the table the most popular dishes seemed to be the Sri Lankan chicken with red chilli and the Gujarati style vegetables. My personal favourites were the Javanese fish curry and the Keema matar.

Other dishes included a South Indian prawn curry, an Indonesian corn with roasted peanuts and an excellent Dahl. There was also plenty of rice and delicious flatbreads to mop up the sauces and fresh chillies for those that like it spicy.

A great evening – I’ll be visiting Cachumba for more of their food, I’ll be visiting The Yard again for more of my groceries and I’ll be keeping my eye out for more of their events! “Om Namah Shivaya.”

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