Saturday 30 March 2013

SoLita Grill NQ, Manchester

Regular readers of my blog who also follow me on Twitter will no doubt be aware that SoLita in Manchester’s Northern Quarter is one of my favourite places in the city to eat.

The great thing about SoLita is that, alongside the crowd pleasing favourites, there is always an interesting selection of specials – recent showstoppers ‘Once in a Lifetime Burger’ the ‘Breaking Bad’ ‘Apocalypse Now (And Later) or A.N.A.L’ and ‘The Life Aquatic – surf ‘n’ turf burger’.

This post contains a collection of a few dishes eaten over recent months that I haven’t yet featured on other blog posts. I typically eat there at least once a week – sometimes just for a quick snack and occasionally for a full-blown feast!

If it’s a full blown feast you want, a good place to start is with their ‘Big Manc’ Burger (top right, which, for legal reasons bears absolutely no similarities with the popular burger from a famous high street chain that also has ‘big’ in the title).

The Big Manc features two 6oz chuck steak & bone marrow patties in a brioche bun with a smoked butter and sesame glaze and Big Manc sauce. Of course, you can also trade up to the Mega Manc or, like me, the Mega Manc XL! (Pictured left).

SoLita’s menu often draws on New York / Americana influences - the best example of is the ‘Manc-Hattan’ Burger – a 6oz chuck steak & bone marrow patty served on a fresh, traditional Lancashire Oven Bottom Muffin (made locally by Robinsons Bakery) with Lancashire cheese, Panko encrusted Black Pudding, Pastrami and a sauce made with Coney Island Mustard & Lancashire Sauce.

Ribs, Wings and Things.

T ‘N’ T Wings, Deep Fried Dauphinoise, Sweet Potato Fries and Sweetcorn Hushpuppies.

Follow SoLita on Twitter @SoLiTaNQ for more pics and to keep up to date with their ever changing and ever exciting specials. 

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