Friday 25 January 2013

The Lost Posts of 2012

January 2013 is drawing to a close and I still have a huge backlog of meals that I didn’t get around to writing about last year.

Blatantly ripping off Inspired by the Gourmet Traveller (see here), I present my ‘Lost Posts of 2012’ (part 1?)

First up, Manchester’s premier burger joint (which insists it’s not a burger joint)… SoLita!

Solita, Manchester - Hungry Hoss Burger
I actually made two posts about SoLita last year but intended to write more. With an exciting and ever evolving menu and superb selection of specials, SoLita was like my second home in the summer - I was around so much, they even named the ‘Hungry Hoss’ Burger in my honour!

Solita, Manchester (Top Left: Pulled Pork Sundae)
This pictures shows: a Pulled Pork Sundae; a Lobster Roll; Bacon Jam on Sourdough Toast; Corn Chowder and quality Nocerella Olives with excellent Chicken Scratchings.

Solita, Manchester (Top Left: Kentucky Fried Grouse)
This pictures shows: the quirky Kentucky Fried Grouse; Inka Grilled Lamb; Corn Bread with Fontina Cheese; an Inka Grilled Mackerel Salad and a superb Seven Week Aged Steak.

Solita, Manchester (Left: Once In A Lifetime Burger)
This pictures shows: the ‘Once In A Lifetime’ Burger; a Rare Breed Pork Chop and the French Double Dip Sandwich.

Solita, Manchester (Left: Big Manc)
This pictures shows: the ‘Sunday Roast’ Burger; the Portobello Burger the legendary Big Manc!

Smoak, Manchester
I also revisited Smoak on a couple of occasions. Highlights included: Steak Tartare, Salmon 3-ways, the Cote de Boeuf and a fab T-Bone with Bone Marrow.

Zouk, Manchester
A return to Zouk starred a wonderfully, spicy Lobster Gwadri Khas and a delicious Lamb Sultani.

Yuzu, Manchester
Yuzu is undoubtedly one of my favourite places to eat in Manchester. Their passion and quality of food is exemplary. As well as all my usual favourites specials have included Grilled Salmon, Seared Bonito, Pink Bream Sashimi and stunning Grilled Bream.

Yuzu, Manchester
I was also lucky enough to attend a Sake Tasting Night at Yuzu hosted by the fabulous Tako from Sweet Octopus (see here) – Tako made a wonderful and generous hostess and shared her knowledge and passion for Sake, paired with Yuzu’s faultless food. 

Fuzion, Fallowfield
Fuzion in ‘studenty’ Fallowfield had been a place I had been intending to visit for quite some time. The food did not wow but was fine for a low-priced lunch. I ate: Thai Spicy Prawn Crackers, Veggie Gyoza, Skewered Yakitori Chicken with Spring Onions, Japanese Soba Salad with Tempura Veg and Spicy Won Ton Lo Mein with a Soy & Chicken Broth.

Fuzion,  Fallowfield

A revisit to Simon Radley’s The Garden at Oddfellows in Chester shortly after my first was an improvement – I enjoyed the Mini Antipasti, Charred Lamb Koftes, Charcuterie starter and Vichyssoise with Lettuce, Salsa Tomatoes and Grilled Goat’s Curd.

Oddfellows, Chester
Decent mains included: Rib Eye with Mushroom Gnochetti and Hot Mignonette; Lamb Rump with Cracked Wheat, Chermoula Carrots and Mint Yogurt and an Open Lasagne with Aubergine, Courgettes, Pinenuts and Parmesan. For dessert, I enjoyed the Baklava with Candied Nuts and Cardamom Ice Cream.

Oddfellows, Chester
Listed in the Michelin guide, I had wanted to visit Host in Liverpool for quite some time. It was good but did not blow me away. Duck Gyozas, Beef Teriyaki, Tempura Salmon Nori Roll with Wasabi Mayo were all fine but the Pork Ramen Broth with Shiitake Mushrooms & Son-in-law Egg was the pick of the bunch.

Host, Liverpool

On a flying visit to London I managed to get along to one of my favourite restaurants, Sketch for a quick breakfast. Their take on Eggs Benedict may have been a tad unconventional but it was no less delicious - two poached eggs, spinach coulis, toast and lemon beurre blanc!

Sketch, London

There a still quite a few meals that I ate whilst abroad that I have yet to write up… keep your eyes peeled because there may be a part 2. 

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