Saturday 26 January 2013

Mishkin’s, Covent Garden

Since I became a globe travelling internationally renowned food blogger my wife and I have been leading a pretty much non-stop rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle…

To give you an idea of the kind of crazy things we get up to during our foodist adventures, on a recent culinary trip to London, my wife fancied an afternoon nap so (to avoid disturbing her) I went for a walk with the intention of buying some socks.

Whilst strolling about I happened to notice Opera Tavern and Mishkin’s side by side on Catherine Street.

What Michelin say: “The Jewish-American deli, but with cocktails, was the inspiration behind this fun spot from the Polpo people. Lox beigel, chopped liver and salt beef sit alongside nibbles like cod cheek popcorn; the Reuben sandwich hits the spot.”

Like I say, I didn’t want to go back to the hotel too soon and disturb my wife’s well-deserved sleep so I did the only decent thing and went inside Mishkin’s for a coffee.

It seemed rude to order just a coffee but I was also mindful that we were due to eat out later that night. Magnanimous as ever, I decided to do the decent thing and ordered the Reuben Burger.

Barely contained within a Brick Lane Beigel, the burger featured an 8oz beef patty (served pink); layers of thinly sliced spicy pastrami; mounds of Sauerkraut and melted lashings of oozing Swiss cheese.

With a side of delicious skin on chunky fries; crispy onion rings, with a side of Schmaltzed Radish and a dip of Russian dressing, it was truly certainly one of my tastiest sock shopping experiences!

The Lyle & Scott shop on King Street had some lovely socks on sale for £7.50 a pair. As for Mishkin’s - Altz iz gut… ess gezunterhait! (All is good… eat in good health!)

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