Sunday 3 February 2013

Lucha Loco, Singapore

Back in December I posted a series of blogs about places located near to the cool, upcoming area around Jiak Chuan Road and The Cufflink Club in Singapore. Posts included the multi awarded winning Restaurant Andre and Jason Atherton’s Esquina and Keong Saik Snacks.

At the time, I intended to also write a post about the casual and vibrant nearby taqueria and bar, Lucha Loco in Duxton Hill. The main reason for not doing so at the time was because my photos did not turn out too well and I didn’t feel they did the food justice.

I intend to return when I visit Singapore again in April but after eating at Manchester’s new Calexican ‘Luck Lust Liquor & Burn’ (see here) I felt in the mood to share more Mexican goodness!

Totopos con Salsa Roja - Fresh corn chips with roasted tomato chipotle salsa. The fresh corn chips were a revelation… much nicer that the packet variety. The salsa had a good kick!

Elotes – Mexican street style grilled corn with mayo, chilli and cotija cheese. These corns were amazing; the heat from the chilli and tangy cheese balancing beautifully with the sweetness of the corn.

Quesadilla de Huitlacoche – Mexican truffle quesadilla with mushroom and corn. At the time of ordering, I didn’t know what ‘Huitlacoche’ referred to but was tempted by the ‘Mexican Truffle’… it transpires that these are one and the same. Both names being alternatives for ‘corn smut’ that is tumor like fungus that grows on corn and was ‘rebranded’ as Mexican truffle to ‘trick Americans into eating more of it!” It didn’t taste much of truffle to me but they were still delicious.

Ceviche de Camarones y Pulpo – Prawn and octopus ceviche. Served in a jar with more of the delicious fresh tortillas, the ceviche had the perfect acidity for my taste.

Taco de Carnitas – Pork belly taco with jicama and cilantro mayo. The pork belly and coriander mayo were both delicious. A new ingredient to me, ‘Jicama’ is a kind of turnip or yam like root vegetable that had the crisp, texture of raw potato but with a sweet flavour (it can apparently be starchy, but this was not the case here).

Taco de Chorizo Con Res – Chorizo & braised beef brisket taco, spring onion, herbs and jalapeños. This was my favourite of the tacos. The rich brisket and layers of flavour from the chorizo, herbs and jalapeños, lifted by a squeeze of fresh lime was spot on!

Taco de Pescado – Snapper taco with achiote, red onion salsa & chipotle mayo. Another delicious taco but for me, not as good as the meaty ones.

Bistek con Nopales – New Zealand rib eye on cactus with chimichurri sauce. The New Zealand rib eye was sublimely cooked and had great flavour. I love prickly pear as my parents have a huge cactus plant in their garden in Spain – next time I visit them, I have vowed to try and recreate this dish! 

Costillas de Cerdo – Chipotle and honey glazed pork ribs, caramelised onions. The ribs were great; the chipotle and honey glaze was delicious but what really wowed was the almost crunchy texture on the outside contrasting wonderfully with the soft meat within.

Frijoles – Slow baked spiced black beans. For me, the beans with a snowfall of the wonderful cotija cheese made for the best dish of the meal. These will be the first dish I reorder when we return in April.

Pastel de Elote Azul corn cake with Mezcal cream and berries – I was not a huge fan of the dessert. The corn cake’s texture was not for me and I’m also not so keen on Mezal. My wife loved it though!

¡Viva México!

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