Monday 26 November 2012

Manchester Christmas Markets A to Z, 2012

“Holidays are coming…  Holidays are coming…” As ever, each year, there are three things that tell me Christmas on its way. The first is seeing the Coca-Cola ‘Holidays are coming!’ advert; the second is hearing Fairytale Of New York on the radio and the third is the opening of Manchester’s Christmas Markets.

The Manchester Christmas Markets will be open until Sunday 23rd December

A – Albert Square, Angels & Alcohol

BBrätwurst, Baubles & Bells

C – Candy Canes, Chestnuts & Cheese

D – Deansgate, Decorations & Donkeys

E – Evergreens, Elves & Ethnic Crafts

F – Fudge, Fairies & Fruit (covered in chocolate)

G – Gloves, Gifts & Gingerbread

H – Holly, Hats & Hog Roast

I – Italia: Torrone, Cannoli & Panettone

J – Jumpers, Jewellery & Jesus

K – King Street, Knitwear & Kisses

L – Love, Late Night Shopping & Lancashire Hotpot

M – Mead, Mulled Wine & Mince Pies

N – Nativity, Noel & Nudity?

O – Overindulgence, Oversized Baubles & Oranges

P – Putz (Christmas Villages), Paella & Pancakes

Q – Queues, Queues & Queuing

R – Rudolph, Rocking Horses & Robins

S – Santa, Snowmen & Strudel

T – Trees, Toy Soldiers & Turkish Delight

U – Under the Tree, Under the Mistletoe & Unity

VVive le France! Macarons, Crêpes & Camembert

W – Wreaths, Windmills & Wassailing with a Winter Warmer

X – Xmas Hampers, Xmas Candles & Xmas Cheer

Y – Yuletide Greetings, Yuletide Lights & Yuletide Singers

Z – "Ze Germans are coming!" Glühwein, Salami, & Stollen  


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