Thursday 15 December 2011

Fraiche - Chef Marc Wilkinson

Of all the restaurants in my top ten, Fraiche is the one that I have visited the most. In January, I will be enjoying Chef Marc Wilkinson’s inspired food for the ninth time!

Having already posted about my two most recent visits, there is not much I can add here. Therefore, in the hope of giving a flavour of what Fraiche has to offer, I thought it more fitting to share a gallery of various courses that I have enjoyed there over the last three or so years.

Some of the photographs were taken with a phone and others with a regular camera, as a result the picture quality can vary – what can be guaranteed however is that none of the pictures quite do the food justice. The best way to experience Marc’s creative food and Zen like dining room is not to read what I say about it or look at my pictures but to plan a good three months in advance (or get very lucky and snap up the rare cancellation) and get yourself a table!

Fraiche is a special restaurant for a number of reasons: Marc Wilkinson’s top quality, creative and flavoursome food is made all the more phenomenal when you consider that he works alone in the kitchen. Every morsel of his Michelin starred cuisine is planned, prepped and executed by him and him alone. Fraiche is Marc’s passion and his life and it shows - exclusivity adds to the allure and Marc guarantees quality by typically serving just ten to twelve covers a night. I am confident that there is nowhere else like Fraiche in Britain; even in the Michelin star studded London.

For readers unable to visit the Wirral, the good news is that next year Marc will be publishing his first cookbook. Knowing Fraiche’s food well, it’s certain to be full of some visually stunning, full on flavoured and technically challenging dishes – not to mention tasty and texturally amazing. Marc has informed me, via Fraiche’s Facebook page, that his Lemongrass and Vanilla Panna Cotta with Sour Cherry will be in the book – that dish alone will be worth the purchase! 

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