Wednesday 10 January 2018

Noble Rot

This was my third visit to Noble Rot. I’d already fallen in love with the place on my first visit (here); had another great meal on the second but, this, the third, exceeding my already high expectations.

As part of his ‘end of year review’, @StickyWalnut (aka Gary Usher) tweeted “Hispi became better than its owner. It basically smashed 2017 in the face & said look at us, we’ll show you how to bistro!

As my local, I also love Hispi (if you’re ever in Manchester, you’ll fine none better) but this post is about Noble Rot… and they’ll show you how to wine bar!

Visiting with my wife, eldest stepdaughter and her girlfriend, we had a wonderful evening. The service was spot on; the atmosphere: cozy, convivial and cool; the food, sublime.

Every ingredient is selected for quality, which shines through in every mouthful. Prepared with understanding and skill, the cooking successfully manages to be robust, rustic yet refined at the same time.

Bread & Butter

Maldon Rock Oyster – Whitstable Native Oyster

Senorio Ibérico Bellota Paleta D.O.P

Raw Hereford Beef, Jerusalem Artichokes & Pickled Walnuts

Snails, Alsace Bacon & Puy Lentils

Lincolnshire Smoked Eel Risotto

Slipsole & Smoked Butter

Veal Brains with Brown Butter & Capers

Roast Quail, Braided Red Cabbage & Roast Potatoes

Welsh Black Face Mutton, Celeriac & Chestnuts

Poached Smoked Haddock, Leeks & Mustard Sauce

Braised Rye Bay Brill & Seaweed Vinaigrette

Warm Chocolate Mousse

Sticky Toffee Pudding & Cream Cheese Ice Cream

Disclosure: the ham and risotto were freebies!

Date of dinner: 30/12/17

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