Monday 8 January 2018

Claude Bosi at Bibendum #TwoMichelinStars

What Michelin say, ‘Claude Bosi has breathed new life into Bibendum, on the first floor of Michelin's former London HQ. With a clean, contemporary look and an iconic stained glass window, the handsome interior cannot fail to impress. Expect high-end traditional French cooking with creative modern touches; dishes are poised and well-balanced with bold, assured flavours.

For a more detailed write up and information, see Elizabeth on Food (here).



Mushroom, coconut milk, curry powder

Bread and butter

Veal Sweetbread
– Stilton, new season walnuts, English mustard

Brittany Rabbit
– langoustine, artichoke barigoule

Artichoke Barigoule
– Yorkshire game, foie gras, chestnuts, oysters And game jus

Bibendum chocolate soufflé
– Indonesian basil ice cream

Petit fours

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  1. Definitely on my list for my next trip to London.
    Nice to see that you`re back posting again. Cheers and all the best HH.


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