Thursday 13 April 2017

Shisen Hanten, Singapore #TwoMichelinStars

What Michelin say, “The Mandarin Orchard hotel plays host to the first overseas branch of this Sichuan restaurant group from Japan. Crystal chandeliers and high ceilings add a certain grandeur to a room which is perched on the 35th floor - ask for a window table for the city views. The Sichuan specialities include steamed fish with diced hot red peppers and stewed beef in hot pepper sauce - but it is Chen's Mapo doufu which is not to be missed.

Dim sum selection

Boiled wonton Szechwan-style

Double-boiled Chinese herbal soup

Steamed chicken feet with peanut

Stir-fried beef with XO sauce, Szechwan style

Steamed fish with spicy sauce

“Chen's Mapo doufu”

Chen’s original spicy soup noodle

Mango Pudding

Fresh Fruit Platter

Pu’er Tea

Date of lunch: 07/04/17

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