Thursday 25 July 2013

Camp and Furnace, Liverpool

First of all, Liverpool’s Camp and Furnace is not a ‘restaurant’… nor is it a bistro, a brasserie, a café or other some such eatery that you will have encountered before.

In their own words, Camp and Furnace is “a new kind of venue” – a super space which offers ‘art installations, exhibitions and performances; theatre, cabaret, comedy and music; street food, dinners, pop-ups and food slams; arts festival village; thrift and vintage.’ 

They also host various supper clubs with themes such as ‘fish’ and ‘vegetarian’ and do an amazing sounding Sunday roast. 

On my lunchtime visit, I chose from the small but keenly priced and well-balanced regular menu; and from the blackboard of daily specials. 

There was a relaxed festival vibe about the place… jamming, drumming, dancing, ping pong and pulled pork. I loved it and had a great time sitting there listening to, and watching the goings on.

Crispy Squid with Chorizo and Tomato – the squid was nicely done, a good texture with delightfully crispy batter. The chorizo had been ground down (to resemble mince) and, with the tomatoes, provided a incredible kick of Mediterranean flavour.

Pulled Pork with Boston Beans and Apple Slaw – delightfully sweet and smoky meaty chunks of pulled pork with a crisp, fresh slaw and ribbons of pickled carrot that added a welcome sour note to balance the sweetness of the pork. I’d normally carp at the use of the battered camping tin as a serving vessel but with the vintage caravans dotted about the place and the fireplace on hand it belonged.

Moroccan Lamb Salad with Fresh Chillies, Spring Onion and Yoghurt – it was a generous portion of lamb for the money paid (although I’d have liked the meat to have retained a little pinkness). Re. “Moroccan”, I felt the spices could have come through a little more or could have been buoyed with the addition of some preserved lemon.  That said, the heat from the fresh chillies and cooling yoghurt made it a pleasant dish.

Pictures from a previous breakfast visit (March).

“I’ll be back!”

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