Saturday 27 July 2013

Almost Famous, Liverpool

With their “No bloggers” attitude (an obvs red rag to a bull) Almost Famous Manchester and I, did not really get off on the right foot.

Time has passed since then and attitudes have changed. The opening of their ‘Calexian’ Lust, Luck, Liquor & Burn also played its part in winning me over.

Now, it just so happened that Franco (the brains behind Almost Famous’ Manchester ‘rivals’ SoLiTa) and I were in ‘The Pool’ (at Camp & Furnace) on the night of AF’s Liverpool launch… it would have been rude not to have paid them a visit.

By the time we arrived, the party was in full swing. Word had obviously got out that the now famous “dirty burgers” and “bitch juice” cocktails had made their way along the M62.

"Manchester's Burger Kings" Franco & Beau
Owner, the hospitable Beau, who was buzzing and boasting, “Burgers get you ripped!”, seemed pleased to see some friendly Manchester faces. Soon, “Burger Kings” Franco and Beau were downing shots of Honey J.D and burying the hatchet over their banterous Twitter spats.

I was soon enjoying a Famous Burger… and a River Phoenix Burger. The burgers are real chin dribblers… personally, I’d prefer the patties to be a little thicker with a pink middle but the overall effect its still all good - perfect drinking food (had I not been driving!).

The décor and venue which included life size cows, Hello Kitty wall art, neon and oil drum tables, worked for me too. There was a good vibe and the door staff were friendly. 

We found a comfy Chesterfield to sit on and loaded the Jukebox with Hendrix, The Clash and, of course, The Stone Roses to add a little touch of home… we then loaded our faces with some loaded Chilli Cheese Fries, which had a decent kick.

A great night… (which bizarrely ended up with Franco and I ‘kidnapping’ Beau and taking him back to Camp and Furnace for ‘Rockaoke’)… get yourself along before the queues start reaching all the way to the famous Liverpool docks, well almost. 

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