Wednesday 13 April 2016

Fera at Claridge’s, London #MichelinStar

For a more detailed write up of Fera, take a look at the post I wrote following my first visit in 2014 (here). Since then, Simon Rogan, Dan Cox and the team have gone on to be awarded their first Michelin star in the capital.

On this occasion I went along for the Set Lunch – 3 courses for £39. I opted for the Beetroot starter, Pork Belly main and Earl Grey dessert. First, a sequence of snacks was served:

Chickpea, Cheese Curd, Mustard – a chickpea wafer with cheese curd, mustard emulsion and some prettiness on top.

Stewed Rabbit, Lovage – crisp, coated rabbit meat with a glossy lovage cream.

Scallop, Alexanders, Seaweed – two seaweed & Alexanders crackers, sandwiching a scallop roe mousse & powdered scallop roe. If you’ve not heard of Alexanders, check this link to recipes from the Eden Project that I’ve posted before, as it’s the prefect time of the year to forage for, and cook them.

Mushroom Cake, Juniper, Fennel – a dried mushroom sponge with juniper fennel and puffed barley.

Tunworth & Duck Heart – diced duck hearts with a creamed Tunworth cheese and triangle chives.

Rye & Stout Bread with Cumbrian Butter – a hearty, full flavoured bread with light whipped salted butter.

Salt Baked Beetroots, Salsify Cream, Grey Oyster Mushroom & Liquorice – a delightful dish of sweet, earthy beetroot and mushrooms with a silky salsify cream, all lifted by the fresh hit of anise type notes from the liquorice.

Pork Belly, Roasted Onion, Cabbage, Whey Sauce & Black Garlic – all the elements of a classic Rogan dish. A real beauty.

Chamomile Cream with Chocolate Malt – last time I ate here, there was a ‘Chamomile milkshake with chocolate malt’ on the menu, I thought this new dish showed a much improved use of the same key ingredients.

Earl Grey Ice Cream, Pickled Apple, Anise Fritters – three strong flavours, well balanced to produce a fresh, light and innovative dish.

Lemon Meringue and a Fennel Jelly

A relaxing lunch in luxurious surroundings is always a joy – add to this Simon Rogan’s elegant, artful, innovative dishes.  


Invited by PR company?
Guest of the chef / restaurant?
Restaurant knew I was a blogger ahead of ordering?
Was the meal comped by the restaurant?
Was any discount given?
Any complimentary items provided?

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