Sunday 2 August 2015

#ToughMudder with @SolitaNQ & @notjustsoupMCR

Recently, I've been helping out @notjustsoupMCR - a weekly "soup kitchen" that sees Manchester based restaurants provide high quality food to the homeless.

Supporting restaurants have included Solita, Hawksmoor, Beef & Pudding, Mughli and Splendid Kitchen.
On 1st August, our team completed in @ToughMudder  to raise money for the soup kitchen and to pay for additional features such as shelter, clothing and cutlery.

As well as collecting for Not Just Soup, 50% of the money raised was donated to Wood Street Mission, a charity that helps local children in need.
Tough Mudder is a hardcore 10.6 mile-long obstacle course designed by Special Forces to test all around strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie. 
A HUGE THANKS to all the sponsors - together we raised over £2000 - the brave (foolish) Tough Mudder's were:
Franco Sotgiu (@SausageMaking / @SolitaNQ)
Hungry Hoss (@HungryHoss)
Neil Dignam (@DignamNeil) - @BarberBarberUK
Jennie Platt (@JenniePlattLtd)
Louisa Richards  (@louisa_richards) - Hawksmoor
Jamie Scahill (@JamieScahill) - @Funkademia
David Blake (@David8Blake) - Manchester Confidential
Alex Hibbert (@alexghibbert) - Manchester Evening News
Pete Bridge-Collins (@PBridgeCollyns) - @CleaningVenture 
Here's the video:

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