Saturday 22 August 2015

Suya Grill & Café, Stretford Mall

Suya means grill in the ‘Hausa’ language so Suya Grill & Café in the Stretford Mall is technically called “Grill Grill & Café”. Not a frequent visitor to Streford Mall (I’d never been), I discovered Suya after searching the Internet for somewhere to get decent jollof rice in Manchester. 

It’s probably for the best if I gloss over the mall itself and get to the food – alongside the typical café favourites (Full English, Breakfast Barm, Jacket Potatoes, Sausage, Egg & Gravy etc…), the Suya menu has a few fusion dishes – think African Omelette, Jollof Burrito and alike.

I selected the Suya Combo – a hearty, spicy mix of jollof tice, yams, fried plantain, stew and suya beef. I’d expected the suya beef to be meaty chunks (like shish) but instead they served a type of semi dried suya, akin to kilishi (a bit like jerky).

Whilst I waited I enjoyed a jar (literally) of Zobo Juice (a hibiscus drink).

The plantains were cooked especially well but, for me, the spicing throughout had perhaps been a little too adjusted for western tastes. Still, it was an enjoyable lunch place to go for something a little different… the search fro truly great jollof in Manchester continues.

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  1. A real taste of Sub-saharan African dishes! You want something out of normal...try Suya.


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