Tuesday 17 September 2013

Sticky Walnut, Chester

Chef / proprietor Gary Usher at Sticky Walnut is making a bit of a name for himself recently.

This is not just for his delicious bistro food, which to my mind, is amongst the best being served in the NW of England, but also for his hilarious shenanigans on twitter @stickywalnut.

Ridiculous 'review'.
The pièce de résistance of these witticisms coming in his recent retort to ‘silly Sally’ and her absurd Trip Advisor ‘review’ – a reply of pure genius.
Gary's genius reply.

Due to its location over an hours drive from my home, and having only recently discovered its delights, I’ve only eaten at Sticky Walnut twice. My first write up can be found here – below are the pictures of my most recent lunch.

Rosemary & thyme focaccia – wonderful soft pillowy home made bread, drizzled in olive oil and served with a herby gremolata.

Calves liver, wet polenta, artichoke & sage – perfectly pink, silky livers with earthy flavours from the artichokes and sage.

Shin of beef, onion puree, fresh elderberries & parsnip crisps – an unctuous daube of beef shin with wafer thin parsnip crisps and a delightful sprig of fresh elderberries.

Hand cut truffle & parmesan chips – these are worth the hour’s drive alone.

Raspberry & almond tart, vanilla ice cream – a classic tart is a beautiful thing and Gary is often tweeting pictures of his in various stages of construction.

Until I get down to Chester again, I’m gonna have to make do with the tweeted pictures of Sticky Walnut’s food (and of course, the comedy genius!) Get following… or even better, get along for lunch!

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  1. I disagree with you here. I think these comments make Guy Usher look like a prat. Anyone running a restaurant needs to be able to take a bit of criticism on the chin.

    I have always found your reviews to be really helpful and any criticism you make is clearly well-judged and not done out of spite. Imagine if the owner of Evuna replied to you, "You don't like our olives? Bog off to L'Enclume. Sorry, the great god Simon doesn't do olives!" You are right about cheap and nasty olives and this will mean I probably don't go to Evuna.

    But this looks like a great place - I want these chips and that raspberry tart right now - and it's only 9.45 am! Keep up the great reviews.

    PS I am not Sally from Chester, honest.

    Lindsay from Salford.


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