Sunday 1 September 2013

Hungry Hoss Diet *Competition* with SoLiTa

Competition time!

Popped to the ‘Traff’ to visit the Nespresso store today, whilst waiting for my wife in Boots I thought I’d check my weight on their scales…  22st 13lb, a BMI of 43.1 and a body fat percentage of 35.4% (which I think makes me genetically comparable to a pork scratching!)

Only one thing for it… diet time!

So, for the month of September (to start), I plan to shed as many lbs as possible… I pledge to convert the lbs lost into £ sterling, which I will donate to Action Against Hunger and Manchester’s Wood Street Mission.

I’m asking my Twitter followers to guess how many lbs I will lose, between now and the end of the month ~ One guess per follower, to be placed by midnight on 2nd September.

*The follower who guess the correct weight loss will be given a £ for lb voucher to spend at SoLiTa - whose delicious food is partly responsible for my weight gain. (*If more that one person guesses the correct amount, their name will go into a draw.)

For a final blow out, we visited SoLiTa for their Charcoal grilled 24 ounce New York strip steak (for 2) with fries and béarnaise sauce and some other goodies:

Lucky 7 –  layered dip with tortilla chips; Cheeseburger Salad – sliced 6oz patty with cheese and classic salad; Crispy Fried Chicken Livers –  with neck bone gravy and a SoLiTa Onion.

I’ll keep followers posted with regular tweets as to my progress.

UPDATE: I've just had my final 'weigh in' and have managed to shed exactly 42 lbs or 3 stones - congratulations to @Nortonio who guessed the closest with 38lbs... please speak to Franco @SoLiTaNQ about claiming your £42 voucher! Sorry to @goodgobbleblog as I could not quite manage their guess of 50lbs. 

I've made my donation to Wood Street Mission (using paypal) and will make my donation to Action Against Hunger shortly (once I've gone to the car to get my wallet). 


  1. I have often wanted to ask you how do you keep a check of your weight with all your reviews...think I know the answer now :-( Its a swine when you can't eat what you want all the time...

    I guess you will lose 24lbs in a month...if you are determined enough...very good luck...and when hunger strikes carrot batons dipped in fat free yoghurt spiced with curry powder/chill etc works wodners.

    1. I don't usually put much on... just been especially lazy recently and have not made time to exercise. Gonna get back into the running once I've shed a couple of stone. Thanks for the tip... good luck! :-)


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