Saturday 11 May 2013

Kampachi by Equatorial, KL - Malaysia

Kampachi by Equatorial is small group of Japanese restaurants based in several prime locations around Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. I visited their latest sleek, slick and swish branch, housed in the Norman Foster designed Troika building on the edge of KLCC Park.

What they say: ‘The flagship restaurant of the Kampachi group, offering diners a new level of exclusivity and elegance.’

What I ate: I visited midweek at midday and ordered the excellent value ‘Otanoshimi Lunch’ (roughly translating as, ‘Please look forward to lunch.’). For just 65RM (about £14) this featured several appetisers, tempura, rice, miso soup and dessert.

I supplemented this meal with ‘Sashimi Deluxe’ (28RM / £6) and enjoyed a light and mellow tasting Abe Kameji Junmai Daiginjo (58RM / £12.50 for 90ml).

Kobachi (small bowl) featuring garlic in miso paste with fish noodle; chicken thigh in a sweet teriyaki type sauce; jellyfish served on a shiso leaf with fresh wakame and pickles.

Sashimi ‘Deluxe’ 
Kanpachi (Amber Jack) Tako (Octopus) and Aori Ika (Squid).

Grilled Mackerel.


Chawanmushi with chicken thigh, shimeji mushrooms and shiso. 
Miso Soup with clams.


Food high points: The kobachi of jellyfish was particularly good with a light marination in miso - it had a smoky flavour underpinned with umami, buoyed by sea fresh wakame, the citrusy hint of shiso and bitter Chrysanthemum flower.

Food low points: At the prices paid, it would be churlish to criticise anything. 

Service: I sat at the counter and the ‘itamae’ was chatty and friendly, asking me about my travels and telling me about the food. I found the service from the front of house staff to be swift and professional.

Verdict (Would I return?): With such reasonable prices in such a wonderful setting… you bet I’d return! 

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