Friday 10 August 2012

Australasia, Manchester (Revisited)

Everyone deserves a second (even a third) chance. After my less than positive last post about Living Venture’s Australasia (see here) I thought it about time I shared my latest opinions. 

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. So here's my opinions, in the hope that if enough people share similar views, Australasia might do something about it.

The setting, service and drinks remain top notch! Still one of the best venues in Manchester.

I still find the food however… politely put, ‘lacking.’

Prawns with red chilli & lime salt - My verdict: well presented in typical Australasia ‘style’ but I found them rubbery.

Popcorn tempura - My verdict: £5 for a small cone of flour and water dropped into hot oil (No wonder Living Ventures are raking it in!)

Smoked duck ‘Dragon Roll’ – My verdict: it looked alright until I got a mouthful of the feta cheese in the middle… Sushi rice and cheese = a no thank you from me.

Smoked eel nigiri – My verdict: at 4 for £6.50, these were equally as good at the ones at Seoul Kimchi that are 80p each (see here).

Crispy suckling pork belly with a pineapple curry – I found the pork too cold and the sauce a little ‘strange’ for my palate.

28-day aged Rib-eye, grilled on the Robata with beetroot coleslaw and peppercorn sauce – My verdict: the steak was good quality and well cooked (rare) but the beetroot coleslaw let the dish down by being too dry.

My wife’s salad – My verdict: ridiculously towered and the meat was served straight from a fridge set too cold.

Glazed carrotsMy verdict: over cooked and with a runny 'glaze'.

Sweet potato and rosemary mash - My verdict: under seasoned and too sloppy.

Chocolate pavé with sour cherry jelly, griottine cherries and miso ice-cream – My verdict: a decent enough pavé, good ice-cream but the heavy handed use of gelatine in the ‘jellies’ (bullets) was a shame.

My verdict: sack the chef! 

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