Friday 3 August 2012

Seoul Kimchi, Manchester

Seoul Kimchi on Upper Brook Street is one of the places I've passed a hundred times and always tell myself that one day I'll get round to trying – I am pleased to say that I got there eventually.

Located near the MRI and various Manchester University buildings, from my visit they seem to cater to a mainly east Asian, lunchtime or student clientele. The food is an usual fusion of Korean specialties with Japanese influences or add-ons.

Whilst I am fairly au fait with Japanese cuisine, my experience, beyond kimchi, with Korean fare is limited. Instead of playing it safe with some recognisable Japanese favourites, I opted for the 'Korean Bento Box' with Miso Soup and a back up of Sushi.

First to arrive, were the 'Banchan' or side dishes used as condiments - each was authentic and had good flavour. The ‘nokdumuk’ (mung bean jelly) was particularly good with its spicy topping and the little dried anchovies are always a favourite.

For somewhere in the region of 80p each, I found the sushi to be excellent value (albeit not the best quality) – I selected Tobiko Gunkan (Flying Fish Roe), Saba Nigiri (Mackerel) and Unagi Nigiri (Eel).

The 'Korean Bento Box' was, to my mind, at £9.90 for a full and tasty all in one lunch, similarly excellent value.

The Bento featured a good and tasty mix of Korean favourites, including: Bulgogi (braised marinated beef), Dak galbi (sweet and spicy chicken) Namul (lightly pickled beansprouts, carrot, daikon & cucumber) Jeon (vegatable pancake) spicy Kimchi, rice and pickles.

A great little, friendly place for lunch, a light dinner or take away - I’ll be sure not to pass next time.

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  1. Never even knew this place existed - my bf works at Manchester uni so I'll make sure I go meet him for lunch while I'm off on summer hols! Thanks!

  2. I've always meant to go here but never have, will make an effort to check it out!


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