Thursday 12 April 2018

Noor Restaurant, Córdoba #MichelinStar

With décor, presentations and flavours influenced by Córdoba’s Moorish heritage, Nooris a beautiful restaurant. On the plate, Chef Paco Morales’ modern culinary techniques bring a fresh approach to Al-Andalus’s past. A restaurant well worthy of its Michelin star.

(Clockwise) Saffron bread with garlic & cured ox / Endive, asafoetida & tamarind / Khann of cod, orange & green olive juice

Arabic breads

Karim of pistachio, green apple, botarga & fresh oregano

Vegetable stew cooked in a kazbra emulsion & lemon in brine

Creamy boletus, mushroom, almond & albaqdunis

Steamed hake with herbal pesto, spinach & smen

Roasted fallow deer, aubergine with kamun dressed with egg yolks & sun dried mushrooms

Furniyya of pumpkin with butter orange & vinegar

Dulce de leche, carob & sheep’s milk ice cream with ras-el-hanout

Horchata de Chufa (sweetened tigernut milk)


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