Saturday 30 December 2017

Hungry Hoss's The Best Things I Ate In 2017 – International Edition

Inspired by blogging royalty, Queen Elizabeth On Food (here), I thought I’d do a rundown of the best things I ate in 2017. Whilst I haven’t visited even half as many Michelin Starred and World’s 50 Best Restaurants as Her Highness has (few do), I have eaten lots of wonderful things, in lots of wonderful places. This post will come in two parts – the International Edition (here) and the UK Edition (here).

In chronological order:

TxuletaBar Nestor, Donostia-San Sebastián

Oreja de cerdo con RomescuBorda Berri, Donostia-San Sebastián

Cardos y Alcachofas 
Arzak, Donostia-San Sebastián (3 Michelin Stars, No.30 World’s 50 Best)

Robadillo Parrilla (grilled turbot) 
Elkano, Getaria, Spain (1 Michelin Star)

Suzuki (Sea Perch) with ponzu 
Shoukouwa, Singapore (2 Michelin Stars)

Nama Saba (Raw Mackerel) 
Shinji by Kanesaka (1 Michelin Star, No.44 Asia’s 50 Best)

Hokkaido Uni – Scallop Tartare, Mussel Cloud, Oscietra Caviar 
–  Odette, Singapore (2 Michelin Stars, No.86 World’s 50 Best, No.9 Asia’s 50 Best)

100 Second Stewed Yellow Croaker 
Putien (Kitchener Road), Singapore (1 Michelin Star)

Chen's Mapo Doufu 
Shisen Hanten, Singapore (2 Michelin Stars)

Sourdough Bread, Fermented Cabbage & Bacon Butter 
Cure, Singapore

Bánh Căn Trứng Cút (Quail Egg Pancakes) 
street food stall on the corner of Trần Cao Vân and Hưng Đạo, Hoi An

Burnt Kalabaza with Sea Urchin & Orange Kamote 
Toyo Eatery – Manila, Philippines

Beef Pares 
Street food stall near the petrol station on F.B. Harrison St, Manila, Philippines

Sour Ribs (Wagyu, Soyamansi, Onions, Garlic Casein, Talinum) 
Gallery Vask, Manila (No. 35 Asia’s 50 Best)

Hraime, Spanish Mackerel in a stormy sauce of 5 desert-born tomatoes 
– Abraxas North, Tel Aviv

Kubahne (kubaneh) with dips (salsa, tehina, spicy sour cream) 
–  Saluf & Sons, Tel Aviv

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