Thursday 1 September 2016

Taco Tuesday @LiquorAndBurn

Around about this time last week I saw on my twitter timeline that the NQ’s Luck, Lust Liquor & Burn would be touting tacos from their downstairs bar from 4pm onwards… for a quid each!

Liking a taco and a bargain, I went and ate some. Ordering one of each:

OG Dirty Chicken – dirty chicken, grated cheddar, pico & chipotle sour cream

Crispy Beef – spicy ground beef, pico, guac mayo & boss hot sauce

Pork Shoulder – slow cooked chipotle pork, bacon rain, jalapeño & bleu cheese sauce

Lamb Ban Thank You Mam (Guest taco £2) – slow roast spiced lamb shoulder, fresh tzatziki & boss hot sauce

Just thought I’d tell you about it.

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