Tuesday 12 January 2016

Hoppers – Soho, London

Hoppers is:

A)   A soho restaurant specialising in chicken legs; staffed entirely by “unidexters”.
B)   A soho restaurant and craft ale house, serving food cooked with the stalks, leaves and flowers of the ‘Humulus lupulus’ vine.
C)   A soho restaurant where customers and staff sit astride the popular 70s bouncing toy, the “space hopper”.
D)   A soho restaurant specialising in “hoppers”, a popular Sri Lankan street food of bowl shaped pancakes made from yeasted rice flour and coconut.

Unsure? If I tell you that Hoppers is the latest restaurant by the Sethi family – the trio with fingers in the pies of Gymkana, Trishna, Lyle’s, Bubbledogs and Bao – I’m sure you’ll realise that under the siblings with the midas touch, any of these concepts could work!

Instead of reservations, Hoppers use the Qudini ‘virtual queue’ software, which, from a customer’s point of view, I thought was great. You just have to make sure you are flexible with the time you want to eat as “waiting times” (mooching about, shopping or drinking in a nearby bar times) can be up to a couple of hours.

I’m not going to waffle on about the food – it was all good and excellent value for money! Just order what you like the sound of and I’m pretty confident you won’t leave disappointed. Here’s what I enjoyed:

Bone marrow varuval, roti

Chicken heart chukka

Hot butter devilled shrimps

Egg hopper with and chutneys (pol sambol, seeni sambol, coriander)

Black pork kari

Date of dinner: 21/12/15

The answer is D.

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