Friday 27 February 2015

Altrincham Market & Altrincham Market House

When penning my blog posts I generally like to keep some vague chronology to them. As such, I should really be writing up the lunch I had at Manchester House, but seeing as chef Aiden Byrne is one of many who recommended I get myself down there, I’m sure they won’t mind “Alty Market” jumping the queue.

During ‘The Alt. Festival of Food & Drink’ on 27 - 29 March, Altrincham Market House will be hosting a collaboration between themselves and Manchester House – part of which will involve a special six course menu, created by Aiden Byrne, using seasonal and regional produce, inspired by the market’s regular traders.

I digress; this post wasn’t indented to tell you about a one off special event, its purpose is to tell you how amazing Altrincham Market House is day in, day out!

Open 6 days a week, until 10pm (6pm on Sundays / closed Mondays), the space has become akin to a modern day “town square” – a hub where people eat, drink, shop, relax, work and meet.

The main draw for me was the presence of Honest Crust; I’ve had their wood fired pizzas many times before at various festivals and markets around Manchester and Stockport, from their mobile oven. However at Alty, they have a permanent spot, home to their rather fabulous, fancy pants, shiny blue beast, imported from Napoli.

Those in the know, proclaim that Honest Crust serve the best pizzas you can find anywhere Greater Manchester, and I’m inclined to agree. As is often the case, I chose the spicy ‘ndjua topped ‘Atomica!’ As is always the case, it did not disappoint… quality ingredients, cooked to perfection.

Being a greedy so and so (and wanting to be able to show you the best there is on offer, natch) I also ate from Tender Cow (from the folk behind Mumma Schnitzel). Tender Cow serves grass fed flat iron steaks in ciabatta bread with a choice of toppings – I went for the Steak, horseradish cream, tomato & red onion option. Cooked medium rare and brushed with a little garlic butter, it was hearty and tasty… great stuff!

When in Malaysia I developed a love for Nasi Lemak; traditionally a breakfast dish of creamy coconut and pandan infused rice, topped with a spicy sambal, peanuts, cucumber, boiled egg and delightful little ‘ikan bilis’ (dried salted anchovies). There was no egg with this version but it did come with a choice of curry to accompany – I had the Beef Rendang. The ‘nasi lemak’ part outshone the rending for me.

After a further mooch around outside, I purchased a loaf of Trove sourdough, cheese, eggs, wool and some dried pasta and tins from Bounce Back Food who make a “one for you, one for society” donation to the Greater Manchester ‘food bank’ Fare Share.

Back inside, I enjoyed a lovely ‘cortado’ from Market House Coffee and a trio of macarons from Sam Joseph Chocolatier next door – I love a good macaron and these were great flavours: Lemon & Apricot, Blackberry & Lime and Raspberry & Caramel.

So there we have, my first of many trips to Altrincham Market – it’s the best of its kind that I’ve ever been to, and definitely worth a visit.

It’s probs worth mentioning that there is often live music, stuff for the kids and some highly recommended bars nearby, Riddles Bar, Market Tavern, Mort Subite and Belgian Bar. Enjoy!

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