Saturday 15 March 2014

Yuzu - Japanese Restaurant, Manchester

Yuzu is one of my favourite restaurants in Manchester but it seems I haven’t written a blog post on it in quite some time – so here I am putting that right.

Yuzu is a casual restaurant with wooden bench and counter seating; no frills, no fuss – just high quality authentic food.

Drinks: Asahi Black Lager / Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo

Service can sometimes be a little slow, but I am more than happy to wait for food that I know has been cooked fresh and with passion.

Yakitori with sea salt – chargrilled chicken thigh. 
Always great quality chicken thigh with just the right smattering of salt.

Kara-age – fried chicken thigh with zingy ponzu sauce.
Beautifully cooked and seasoned with a zingy ponzu. 

Gyoza – house made prawn dumplings with soy sauce and Japanese chilli oil.
Filled with meaty prawns, these are a winner every time. 

Agedashi tofu – silken tofu lightly dusted in flour and fried, served in a dashi broth with grated ginger and spring onions. The lightness of the 'batter' always wows.
Daikon & wakame salad – finely shredded daikon (white radish/mooli) and wakame seaweed with yuzu dressing and edamame beans. I always order this. 

Organic Salmon Don – Fresh salmon sashimi served over sushi rice in a large donburi bowl with pickled cucumber. 
It's not all about the fish - the rice at Yuzu is phenomenal. The best in Manchester!

Drink: Calpico
Assorted Veg Tempura – 
seasonal vegetable cooked in a light and crisp tempura batter. Served with a dipping tempura broth. 
I've had better tempura but it's still very good. Not a weakness but could be developed.

Sashimi Mori (small) – a platter of scallop, tuna, organic salmon, salmon roe and prawns with wasabi and sashimi soy sauce.
Lovely fresh fish with a quality soy, which makes all the difference. 


  1. It`s also very cheap so no excuse not to try authentic Japanese food.
    I wont forget Chef in a hurry either , crazy Samurai man , we had a very enjoyable drink together , Great husband and wife team.

  2. I agree that yuzu is one of the best Japanese diners, food is delicious. Been to all japanese restaurants in Manchester but has anyone tried the newly reopened yakitori oishi-Q near oxford road?


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