Saturday 7 December 2013

Koya Bar – Breakfast

Located next door to the original, Koya Bar is their ‘new’ concept from London’s udon masters at Koya. Not a bar in the drinking sense, but an extended counter and open kitchen where orders are placed directly with the chefs for a more dynamic eating experience.

Unlike 'old' Koya, Koya Bar is open for breakfast and, despite staying in Shoreditch – see my post on ‘The best breakfast in Shoreditch’) I went specifically to try their take on “Kedgeree” which had been recommended to me by Chef James Knappett of Bubbledogs.

The light curry spiced rice porridge (okayu) style Kedgeree was indeed very good. Especially delicious were the semi opaque flakes of smoked haddock with a punchy umami kick from the smoky fish skin and side of sesame and bonito seasoning. A poached egg and spring onions completed the dish.

Whilst browsing the menu I noticed that Koya Bar serve ‘Natto’ – I love these fermented soya beans but had not eaten them outside of Asia; there was only one thing for it, I came back the next day for, breakfast No.2.

I ordered a bowl of Steamed Rice with a topping of Natto (fermented soy beans) Wakame (seaweed) and Onsen Tamago (an egg ‘boiled’ at a ‘low’ temperature) and a side of Pickles (beetroot) – they say Natto has an ‘acquired taste’ (my wife certainly does not like it) but I have loved it since first tasting it – for me, this was an even more enjoyable breakfast than their popular Kedgeree.  

Koya Bar has instantly become on of my favourite breakfast spots in London – I hope to get there for a lunch or dinner sometime soon too.

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