Thursday 5 December 2013

Almost Famous - Great Northern, Manchester

When writing a blog post about a restaurant (particularly an ‘independent’), I like to think my coverage can help their business grow (when the post is negative, I hope it encourages them to ‘up their game’, making things better for all).

With a social media machine that is as successful as Almost Famous’ – I can’t help but feel anything I say is left entirely redundant… who cares whether ‘some blogger’ likes them or not? 

AF do good great burgers – that has never been in doubt – and the queues attest to the fact that owner Beau and his crew have an ever growing and loyal fan base.

Regardless of whether my opinion is important or not - here it is:

First off, I loved the space; it was big and buzzy without being too brash and bold. There were no doorman or attitudy staff – and, although we were quoted an hour’s wait for a table (which was ready much sooner), there was ample space in the bar area to pass the time and enjoy the vibe. The other big plus for me… the serve Ting!

Whilst the food will not be winning any awards for finesse, it was greedily and happily wolfed down by both myself and my pal. 

I ordered the *Baddaboom* - a double cheese burger with garlic butter brioche, bacon, chorizo, onions, marinara sauce, ‘famous’ sauce, French’s mustard, Parmesan and chilli – and thoroughly enjoyed it! Perhaps surpassingly, the flavours balanced well with no overkill. 

A generously portioned side of ‘Pig n Waffle’ finished me off – crosscut fries, pulled pork, redneck BBQ and bleu cheese sauces, jalapeños and onions. Decent pulled pork with well judged BBQ sauce; the blue cheese tempering the jalapeños well. 

My mate ordered the 'Chilli Chilli Chilli Cheeseburger’ – a double cheeseburger, smoky chilli beef, chillies, jalapeños, Cholula hot sauce, iceberg and bleu cheese sauce. I will order this one next time on his recommendation - it had quite a kick. 

To round it all off, ‘True Romance’ fries – seasoned skin on & sweet potato chips, crispy onions, jalapeños, redneck sauce, Baconnaise, suicide sauce and ‘bacon rain’. My wife and I walked down the aisle to the True Romance theme - these too made me very happy; especially the crispy bacon rain. 

For better photos, check out Bacon on the Beech

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