Sunday 21 April 2013

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant, Singapore (Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants)

Superlative Chinese specialist in the Lion City” (Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants)

This year, following the success of their World’s 50 Best Restaurants list the good people at Restaurant magazine, with the help of ‘over 900 international restaurant industry experts and well-travelled gourmets’, have published their inaugural list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Sneaking in at No.49, for many (I’m guessing those that haven’t eaten there), the succinctly named Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant was a surprise inclusion.

I hadn’t planned to eat at ‘ITSPD’ on this trip but staying down the road at the Hilton on Orchard Road I just so happened to I find myself on Level 5 of the Paragon Mall.

Having already eaten and with a meal booked for later on, I only intended to peruse the menu for future reference but when the receptionist asked it I would like a table, it seemed rude to say, ‘No.’

Imperial Treasure is famed for its ‘Super Peking Duck’ but as they only sell these whole to be carved at the table I ordered a small serving of their ‘Roasted Duck’ and a couple of Dim Sum dishes.

Steamed Beef Tripe with Ginger & Onion. Well prepared tripe is a wonderful thing and this was cooked perfectly – soft and yielding with a feint bite. The ginger and spring onion sauce was lively but did not dominate.

Steamed Fish Head with Black Bean Sauce. This black bean sauce is unrecognisable from the gloopy stuff found in the majority of Chinese restaurants in the UK. Here the chopped fish heads had been mixed with fermented black beans, a scant amount of garlic, ginger and sesame oil before being steamed to retain a fresh, clean flavour. 

Roasted Duck. With a crispy lacquered skin shining iridescently under the restaurant’s lights, the duck was a beautiful thing wonderfully moist with a good layer of fat under the skin. The accompanying sauce had just the right amount of sweetness… not the real thing but it was enough for me to know that next time I’m in Singapore the whole Peking Duck is a must! 

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