Wednesday 27 July 2011

International Cheese Awards - Nantwich Show

Today, held at the Nantwich Show, I went to the International Cheese Awards!

On the way in, I saw that some of the people of Nantwich live on rather lovely canal boats.

Inside the show, I saw that others stay in delightful old fashioned Romany wagons.

The people of Nantwich may not have ordinary houses, but they do have very big cars!

When I arrived, the cheese tent was not open; so I had a look around. 

First I saw some sheep;

Then a cute little calf;

And a cow?

And a man in a Bowler Hat looking at a Shire Horse.

I saw big tractors;

And little ones too.

Later on, I saw some cocks:

James Martin
I didn't stick about to see 'King of the Jungle' Gino; but I photographed his flyer. 

Eventually, I saw what I had come for… cheese!

Lots of cheese!

Lots and lots of cheese!

Some of the cheese had come from Lincolnshire. I bought a lovely Double Barrell Poacher from this man.

Some cheese had come from Devon. I love Quickes Traditional Cheddars – Today I bought a piece of delightfully smoky Oak Smoked Cheddar which I hadn’t tasted before.

Some cheese had come from Holland. I bought a Gold Medal Winning Old Amsterdam Gouda.

Some cheeses had come from France.

I saw ‘Martin Platt’ from Coronation Street peddling his cheese.

Some of the smellier cheeses were kept in a temperature controlled room;

Others, in an inflatable cave.

Some cheeses were displayed as cheese boards.

Some were very imaginative;

Some were displayed as lollies;

Some boards were quite serious;

Others more trivial.

Some cheese was highly commended;

Some won awards.

Silver awards;

And Gold awards.

This man, from Ford Farm, with his cave aged Cheddar, won a trophy for having the best cheese – The Supreme Champion 2011! 

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