Wednesday 4 May 2011

Why 'Hungry Hoss'?

I’ve always had a reputation for being able to ‘tuck it away’. My Ma always said that I had hollow legs. It was a friend of mine, Kraig, who first called me Hungry Hoss - apparently after an ever hungry cartoon horse from the Beezer comic.

As I’ve got older (I’m now 35) I have started to make the transition from quantity to quality. There was a time when I would view the ‘All you can eat buffet’ as a direct challenge. I still eat like a horse - although now, more like a thoroughbred Lipizzaner than a greedy ass.

Great food is a passion of mine. My ardor for quality cuisine has taken me to some of the world’s finest restaurants, from those awarded stars by Michelin; to those listed in the S.Pellegrino Top 100; the Miele Guide Top 20 and Les Grande Tables Du Monde.

The thrill of successfully cooking a dish for the first time or learning a new technique in the kitchen is something I love. Finding an ingredient that I have not tasted before or an intriguing flavour combination on a menu gives me a real buzz. I am always eager to try something new. Fussy eaters annoy me.

Recently in Singapore, I was keen and had the chance to sample the Durian fruit. Known and loved in Asia as ‘The King of Fruits’, although also banned on the MRT and in some hotels because of it’s repugnant smell, it is certainly something you should try if you get the chance. A highly coagulated garlic custard is the best way I can describe the flavour… I won’t even attempt to describe the stench! Like I say, you should definitely try it.

"It's not for me."

Through this blog I intend to share my excitement and enthusiasm for food. Not to inspire greed, like that of an ever hungry horse; but to hopefully inspire and share an obsession for food which excites, gratifies and delights!  

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