Sunday 8 May 2011

What are your favourite restaurants in Asia?

Having just checked the Miele Guide website, I noticed that there are only a few days left to cast votes in favour of your most loved Asian restaurants in the hope that they will be featured in the 2012 edition of the indispensable little red book!

Registering is quick and easy; you can do so at:

‘When assessing restaurants, all voters and jury members are asked to consider: (1) the quality of the food served; (2) the ambience of the restaurant; and (3) the level of service offered. Most importantly, their votes should reflect the tastes of Asian diners.’

Bearing this in mind, I cast my ten votes for:
1. Mozaic, Bali
2. Iggy’s, Singapore
3. The Tippling Club, Singapore
4. Les Amis, Singapore
5. Gunther’s Modern French Cuisine, Singapore
6. Sardine, Bali
7. Sarong, Bali
8. 2am:dessertbar, Singapore
9. Ku De Ta, Bali
10. Nuoc, Singapore

Here’s my own Top 3 rundown for each of the voting criteria:
Best Food: Iggy’s, Mozaic, and Les Amis
Best Service: Mozaic, Iggy’s and Sardine
Best Ambience: Mozaic, The Tippling Club and 2am:desertbar
Best for the tastes of Asian diners: Mozaic, Iggy’s and Sarong

Obviously, I only voted for restaurants at which I have dined. On my recent first trip to Asia I managed to eat at six of the current Top 20 in the Miele list and a good few others that also get mentions in the guide. Planning further adventures in Asia to experience glorious food and wonderful culture is high on my agenda. 


  1. Have you tried Saint Pierre in SG? If you tried it, you'd definitely include it in your list. Their food choices are closer to home.

  2. I haven't done... just had a look on their website. Certainly looks like one to consider on my next trip! Thanks.


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