Sunday 13 August 2017

St. John #OneMichelinStar (Revisit)

Whilst my wife met with family for brunch at The Ned, I took the opportunity to slip away to something more my scene… lunch at St. John.

What Michelin say, “A glorious celebration of British fare and a champion of 'nose to tail' eating. Utilitarian surroundings and a refreshing lack of ceremony ensure the food is the focus; it's appealingly simple, full of flavour and very satisfying.

Rolled Pig’s Spleen & Bacon

Salt Kid, Pickled Red Cabbage & Horseradish

Middle White Tongues, Celeriac & Pickled Walnuts

Braised Ox Kidney, Bacon & Mash

Braised Rabbit, Peas & Aioli

Eccles Cakes

Date of lunch: 06/08/17

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