Sunday 11 June 2017

Moor Hall - Chef Mark Birchall #OneMichelinStar

If you want to know more about Moor Hall, then the article in The Caterer from March 17th (here) is an interesting read.

Here are some pictures from my lunch on Thursday 8th March – hopefully the first of many visits.

Black Pudding
pickled apple

Smoked Curd
potato, fermented garlic, flowers

Raw Mackerel
radish, purslane

cured ham, dill, buttermilk

Baked Carrots
doddington cheese, chrysanthemum & sea buckthorn

Turnip & Crab
anise hyssop, sunflower seeds

Aged Beef in Charcoal
barbecued celeriac, mustard & shallot

Grilled Langoustine
green tomato, smoked bone marrow & cucumber

Plaice Cooked on the Bone
mussel cream, sea vegetables

Lamb’s Tongue
wigmore, spinach

Herdwick Lamb Loin
grilled lettuce, nasturtium & onion

roots, pine

(a selection from the cheese room)

cream cheese & sweet cicely

Honey Beer

bramley apple, aged caramel & marigold

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