Sunday 4 June 2017

Gallery Vask – Manila, Philippines

As the only Filipino entry to make it onto the 2017 list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, at No. 35, Gallery Vask is widely considered to be the Philippines’s best.

Hailing from Torrelavega, in northern Spain, chef Jose Luis ‘Chele’ González is an alumnus of some of the world’s best restaurants, including Arzak, Mugaritz, El Celler de Can Roca and El Bulli. Making use of chiefly indigenous ingredients, the chef’s scientific approach makes for a beautiful, creative and exciting culinary experience.

Alamat Menu


Lutong Bahay

Zumba Roll (Cochinillo – Mustasa)

Aubergine (Squid – Eggplant)

The Cure (Ulang – Radish)

Ubedashi (Tuna – Upo – Pansit Pansitan)

Mole (Beef – Peas – Citrus)

500 (Sour – Spices – Onion)

Teardrop (Cheek – Kalingag – Jamon Iberico)

Lambanog (Coconut – Fermentation)

Sour Ribs (Wagyu – Soyamansi – Onions – Garlic Casein – Talinum)

Yam Yam (Textures – Coconut – Kaffir)

Suman (Mango – Vanilla – Rice)

Pandan Eclair (Sweet Monggo – Pandan Mousse – Rice Crisp – Latik Ice Cream)

Bean (Rum – Cacao)


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