Sunday 26 February 2017

Bar Nestor, Donostia-San Sebastián

Bar Nestor (Calle Pescaderia, 11) – we love Bar Nestor, so much so that we headed straight there the night we arrived in San Sebastian and returned for a final meal just before we left a week later.

The monster bone in sirloin ‘Txuleta steaks, from OAP dairy cows, what most people go for but Nestor are also famous for their dustbin lid sized ‘Tortilla’.

They make two a day – one is served at 1pm & the other at 8pm. You need to arrive a good half hour plus beforehand to put your name down for a piece - then hang around. This way, you’ll also have a seat for when the kitchen opens & steak orders are taken.

They also offer a tomato salad & fried peppers, although these are not sides (they will be cleared before your steak arrives).

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