Wednesday 16 March 2016

Chef Ben Spalding @ Burnt Truffle

If you are looking for another reason to back ‪@StickyWalnut’s KickStarter to help fund @HispiBistro‪, then consider this…

They promise to bring their ever popular ‘Guest Nights’ to Manchester.

Here’s some pics from the one I recently went to at @BuRntTruffle by the hugely talented @ChefBenSpalding… one of the best 50 quids I’ve ever spent!

A Series of Nibbles

Chocolate Squid

Hackney Wild Bread & Viking Butter

Mr Kohlrabi vs IPA

The 40 Ingredient Salad

Hot & Cold Soup

Confit Salmon & Keta

Mutton, Wild Garlic & Salt Baked Turnip

Whipped Spiced Bread, Sea Buckthorn & Smoked Clotted Ice Cream

Lemon Orange Yoghurt

To bring this kind of shiz to Mcr… back ‪Hispihere!

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