Saturday 12 March 2016

Burnt Truffle & Hispi from the team behind Sticky Walnut

Back in January when I enjoyed this lunch at Burnt Truffle, I already knew that the team behind Sticky Walnut and ‘Burnt’ were planning to open in Chorlton and that restaurant would be called Hispi.

I also knew that, like Burnt, Hispi would be partially crowd funded through KickStarter. My plan was to not post a blog about my visit until the KickStarter campaign had kicked off – that way, I could help to get the word out and share more with the people of Manchester of the type of excellence that Hispi will bring.

Each month, my blog typically gets 20,000 to 50,000 views – many of these people looking for somewhere decent to eat out in and around Manchester… if half these people, pledge the price of a cup of coffee then we’ve made it!

Mancs, if you truly appreciate good food, my message is simple, back Hispi, make it a reality!

Although, act quickly because it seems I’m pretty much too late… within 24 hours of the video going live, the pledges had started rolling in. At this point, meeting the target has to be a question of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’…

For me, backing the project and backing Burnt has made me feel part of it. Every time I dine in Burnt, I think to myself, “I helped to make this happen.”

That feeling alone if worth the money it costs to pledge and support. Be part of making Manchester’s restaurant scene better here… Hispi KickStarter Page.

This is what my wife and I ate at  Burnt Truffle in January, back Hispi and you could be eating similar food in Manchester later this year!

Sourdough with Truffle Butter

Beef Tartare, pickled mooli, puffed rice, crispy shallots & smoked mayonnaise

Calves’ liver terrine, black pudding, apple & fried egg

Loin of venison and ragu, red wine & garlic puree, baby onion & savoy

Welsh lamb & crispy shoulder, caponata dressing, courgette & basil

Chocolate marquise, blood orange, caramelised pear & pistachio

Vanilla crème brûlée


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