Monday 1 May 2017

Cure, Singapore

Cure is Chef Andrew Walsh’s first venture as chef/proprietor. He cooks “modern British cuisine” with tinges of local influence and ingredients.

Having worked in New York and London (for Richard Corrigan, Tom Aikens and as Jason Atherton’s sous chef at Pollen Street Social), Chef Walsh’s first foray in the Lion City came when he moved to the Keong Saik neighbourhood in the outskirts of Chinatown to spearhead Atherton’s, Esquina.

We’ve been fans of County Mayo born chef’s food, passion and vigour since we first ate at Esquina in 2012 (see here).

Cure did not disappoint – we enjoyed it so much, we ate there twice during our trip. For me, it’s definitely one to watch for a Michelin Star! 

Highlights included the most wonderful bread course of Sourdough Bread, Fermented Cabbage & Bacon Butter and the Wagyu Beef Short Rib with Green Curry, Pomelo & Green Asparagus

Sourdough Bread, Fermented Cabbage & Bacon Butter

Sweet Corn Fritters

Chicken Skin with Samphire & Caviar / Montgomery Cheddar Tart with Burnt Onion

Duck Rillettes with Orange

Onion Gazpacho with Dill Granita

Scallop with Vietnamese Dressing, Coriander & Yuzu

Squid Noodles with Yolk, Onion Dashi & Chicken Wing

Foie Gras Brûlée with Cinnamon & BBQ Sweet Corn

Brioche Doughnut with Honey

Artichoke with Fregola & Slow Cooked Egg

Snapper with White Asparagus & Mussel

Wagyu Beef Short Rib with Green Curry, Pomelo & Green Asparagus

Macerated Strawberries 

Chocolate with Pandan & Coconut

Brown Butter Financier with Jerusalem Artichoke

Guinness Ice Cream Sandwich

Date of dinner: 15/04/17

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