Saturday 13 February 2016

Well Hung Kitchen & Bangers & Bacon, Manchester

Last weekend my wife said she fancied steak. Parking behind Hawksmoor, her little face lit up… then, to her dismay, I led her into Spinningfields.

The pop-up offerings at The Kitchens may not have the same glamour as Hawksmoor but the guys at Well Hung Kitchen and neighbouring Bangers & Bacon are just as passionate about their meat. And, you don’t need to remortgage to eat there!

At Well Hung their signature steaks “well hung” for a minimum of 30 days, which obviously ensures flavour. At just £5.50 each, they offer a choice of a Steak Sandwich, Flatbread or Salad; plus Steak & Chips for a tenner. (I opted for the flatbread; my wife went for the salad and we ordered a steak & chips to share.)

Flatbread – steak in a handmade flatbread with garlic and tarragon béarnaise sauce and rocket.

Salad – steak served on a seasonal salad with honey & mustard dressing and fabulous tasting tomatoes from @NoonesFresh.

Steak & Chips – steak with chips, salad and a choice of sauce. We opted for chimichurri and upgraded the chips to Truffle & Parmesan.

Although I was pretty full, I couldn’t leave without ordering a portion of Swine Fries from Bangers & Bacon. An absolute delight, these seasoned skin on beauties are tossed with bacon, black pudding, crispy onions and sausage!

Of course, Hawksmoor is still a fave but both my wife and I were definitely sold on such a great value for money alternative.

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