Thursday 24 September 2015

Spring Restaurant, London

Ever since chef Skye Gyngell gained her Michelin star at Petersham Nurseries, I have wanted to eat her food. Sadly, she moved on before I managed to get there.

The good news, Spring, her new venture, is in the capital’s Somerset House, which means diners no longer have to schlep to Richmond.

Having recently enjoyed the ace value 'Pre Theatre Menu', I have three memories of Spring:
1) the room is a grand, luxurious space that is impossible not to like,
2) the food is all about quality ingredients and clarity of flavour that is impossible not to like,
3) the staff came dressed like members of a secret faction in Veronica Roth’s Divergent, which is odd but thankfully not important.

The prices at Spring may be a little higher than many people’s budgets allow – fortunately, for tightwads like myself, the set lunch and pre theatre menus allows diners to experience 3 courses for around the same price as a typical main dish from the a la carte.

What Michelin say, “Spring occupies the 'new wing' of Somerset House that for many years was inhabited by the Inland Revenue. It's a bright, feminine space under the aegis of chef Skye Gyngell. Her cooking is Italian influenced and ingredient-led.

Burrata with celery, anchovy & mint salad

Smoked cod’s roe with crème fraiche & bruschetta

Aubergine & cauliflower curry with flatbread & yoghurt

Grilled mackerel with roasted beetroots & horseradish crème fraiche

Plum & raspberry tart with vanilla ice cream

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  1. spring restaurant London are amazing.


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