Sunday 22 June 2014

Paratha Hut – Levenshulme, Manchester

Through events such as Guerrilla Eats and Beat Street in sunny Manchester and Kerb, Urban Food Fest and Street Feast in the capital, “Street Food” continues to be the latest food trend amongst the hipster youth.

So, when I pulled into Water Worx Car Wash (between Longsight and Levenshulme on the A6) to sort out the mess that a bird* had left by taking a dump on my driver’s side window, my interest piqued when I saw a sign for Paratha Hut.

With prices ranging from just £1 to £2 for a freshly cooked, this is what I’d call ‘real’ street food – cheap, quick and tasty food served at the side of the road, primarily for workers and the local community (and anyone who happens to be passing).

The paratha dough and fillings are kept in the fridge and rolled out, filled and cooked to order in a matter of minutes. I ordered the Keema expecting it to be lamb mince but it was made with minced chicken. There was a good kick from green chillies and coriander seed with perhaps a little too much black pepper for my taste.

The paratha itself had been rolled delightfully thin and cooked well so it was not too crisp and nit too doughty. To be spot on it could’ve been a little more buttery and flaky but for £2 maybe I am expecting too much?

It was certainly good enough for me to go back the next day and try the Gobi and the Peshawari parathas  - both delicious, especially when dipped in the accompanying yoghurt and deceptively mild looking chilli sauce.

Perhwari Hut is a real find – it has been there a year and seemed popular on both my visits. It’ll certainly be getting plenty of my custom in the future.

(*the feathered variety).


  1. Has been closed down because not licensed for last two years

    1. Pesky licences! Thanks for letting me know :-)


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